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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

what better way to spend ones birthday then updating their site?

The gallery is now up with my projects from last year- that is, my first year of my BSc Hons in Games Modeling, Animation, and Effects at London met. my Showreel at the moment is my finished first year environment work, which im quite proud of considering that was my first dip in to Maya.

My board game from that first year work is up as well under the games section. currently that finished work was part of the 3 week christmas challange from last year, so many side projects to improve and expand that game are in the works, as well as my digital games design project from this year, which i will be announcing soon.

also the one thing many of you have asked me about- my business cards are up in the Other section! i may make these their own section once i get enough prototypes out considering the interest, but for now theyre just fun little side projects.

thats the sum up of updates and changes for 2015. theres many projects coming in 2016, so as my favorite professor says, Watch This Space!

Happy New Year!


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