Ptisi Ptosi

This is a game for my second year Games Modelling class, with a group. We had a group of 4 total, two modellers, and two programmers. In the end we decided on my idea for a game, a 3D side scroller based on the story of Icarus. for the project each modeller were required to split the work to a character each, with full rigging and animation (first time- gulp!) UV texturing using Maya software only, as well as game collectables, destructible, and other assets.

The modeller i was working with wanted to specify character design, so we had her do the first player, Icarus, and I chose the second playable character, his female counterpart, Ikara. As this was an OpenGL game and a side scroller, there was a minimum of environment work, but over all i was still pleased with how my animations came out. though i still very much would rather be doing environments and assets, and leave the rigging to those that can figure out how an elbow works!

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