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My last year of university has started, and with it a new lineup of projects!

I'm really excited about the final group assignment this year. Its designed to simulate a game studio, and luckily this will give me the chance to really focus my speciality into environment assets. There's added pressure this year, as my student visa is up come July, and I've fallen in love with the UK so much I would love to continue to live here and work for a games studio on a work visa. Hopefully the Assets I can make for this project, on top of my grades (still the top in the course! 3 years running! woo!) will help convince a studio to take a chance on a work visa and the (minor!) hassle that would entale. Luckily everything in media and modelling is currently on the shortage list, so that's a serious added plus.

Anyways, back to the Game- this one is again with my same group from last year (we ranked top of the class, why NOT work together again?) on a "Steampunk, post apocalyptic Victoria gardens" 3rd person game. The idea is the player, as a steampunk girl, wakes up in a garden maze. she doesn't know where she is, shes alone, and she has to escape the garden. the twist- there's no organic life in the gardens. everything is robotic or steampunk. the player has to solve puzzles and logic tricks to make their way out of the gardens.

modelling and programming for the game is well underway, but as a sneakpeak i can show the concept art i created for the game. im excited to show how this game and its assets turn out!

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